Welcome to our First Newsletter

Noela Mogga

Salaam. Peace be upon you!

It is a brand new year, and we are excited to share with you our progress. Amid coronavirus pandemic, and upheavals to normal living routines, we are joyful to be alive. Here at Taste of South Sudan, we are still charting our course. We remain committed to cementing our role as a Taste of Home representing the people of South Sudan, wherever they be in the world.

Our bride Shida got married this month. What better way to send her off than by hosting a Henna and Bakhoor party using Taste of South Sudan products. We created a radiant bridal glow with Dilka body scrub, natural and vegan, made of sorghum, sandalweed and cherry mahleb seeds, baked in perfumed smoke. This is a tradition that supersedes modern beauty regimes, used by the Nubian Queens that ruled Egypt over 200years ago. It leaves a skin supple and radiant, having removed all the dead skin. It is the best natural exfoliant. After getting her bridal henna in an intricate traditional pattern, she applied TOSS Shea butter to moisturize and calm her skin so it does not get any reactions. You know shea butter is a strong emollient and anti-inflammatory agent. TOSS Shea butter is sourced from natural products from South Sudan and West Africa.

During the henna event we lighted some TOSS Mamool Jameela, a sweet alluring scent that burns clean and long lasting. This is mainly a powder bakhoor with white musk and amber and floral scents, with splints of sandalwood that invokes feelings of being in a ladies’ party back home. Head over to shop.tasteofsouthsudan to obtain a sample of this bakhoor, and our other scents.

As always we make handmade artisan bakhoor and dilka scrubs, in a traditional manner, to continue the legacy of Cushite beauty secrets. Our art is passed from generation to generation. As a physcian and a scientist at heart, it is my pride to adhere to quality standards to make consistent safe products that you will enjoy.

We are excited to see what this year may bring. We hope you continue the journey with us, as we bring forth stories, videos, food recipes and inside look into the culture of South Sudan, an African country.


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